What the Heart Chakra said? (the voice of the Heart Chakra in Meditation)


I have no sex or in a way I represent both the sexes. My clockwise moment in you depicts the Masculine power….and core essence of expansion in love depicts the Feminine Power.

I am the central chakra of your body….below me are three Lower Order Need Chakras and above me are three High Order Need Chakras…My Job is tough as I link both your needs. And if I am worked upon the link will become stronger as I am pure love and only love can embrace and accept the good and bad equally. I open your doors to divinity as I teach you to love yourself and others with all goods and bads. Do not worry when you feel pain in me… I am expanding for you to absorb and release as much unconditional love as possible.

Do not confuse me with sex; I am beyond the love at physical level. I am the supreme form of feeling that address the Spiritual Hunger…The same feeling that led to the creation of the whole Universe…

 Now is the time when we are entering into the Age of Love…It is imperative for everyone to follow their hearts and dive deep in Love. Come out of your fear as you only need love for your awakening. Remember!! You all are LOVE BEINGS having Spiritual and Physical Experiences.

 I am not much concerned about what your actions are…what matters for me are your feelings deep within… So when you finish listening to me and agree to my voice, Don’t say, “All Said and Done!!” say, “ All Felt and Done!”(Humour)


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